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Black Belt Magazine March 01, 2023 Issue Cover
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Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt is the go-to publication for martial arts fighters of all levels of expertise. This magazine provides readers with everything they need to know about every style of self-defense. Each issue features comprehensive, reliable articles focusing on traditional, sport and reality-based martial arts. Black Belt magazine is unrivaled in its coverage, providing information on Asian, American, European and South Pacific martial arts. Detailed, demonstrative articles featured in Black Belt are accompanied by action-packed photos that will help you learn new techniques and forms. With interviews with well-known contemporary martial artists like Rampage Jackson and members of the Gracie family, Black Belt magazine provides a wealth of not only information but also inspiration. Coverage includes stand-out fighters as well as the Japanese, Chinese and Korean systems. Whether you already know a great deal about self-defense or are just starting out, Black Belt magazine is the premier martial arts publication for all fighting disciplines.